LIC New Jeevan Nidhi 2019

LIC now came up with a conventional planning with the name of LIC New Jeevan Nidhi for every
one and a profits pension plan, it’s a combination of saving and protection for your old life after your
retirement,LIC new Jeevan Nidhi is a annuity deferred plan, it’s a regular income after retirement of
the pensioner. This plan is intended to provide to the policy holders from their maturity proceedings
at the time of their retirement.
Customers can discontinue their payments or they can surrender the policy after 3 years only, if the
customer join in this plan they will get 50 rs for lump 1000 rs.( for 25 years)


  1. Additions will be added to your plan during the early 5 years of your policy.
  2. It provide the palms for accidentally death also, you will get it from the additions you paid.
  3. In this pension plan pensioners can participate with regular or single payment. And
    pensioners will get 5% on each completed year.
  4. Candidates can pay the amount in single term or you can pay regularly
  5. People can start this plan at the age 20 and they can pay till 60 years.
  6. If the person died in first five years, you can get additions and sum amount which you paid
    from the annuity, by based on the choice of nominee.
  7. If the person died after five years you will get full policy which you chosen, and get Basic
    Sum and guaranteed additions , apart from these candidate will get bonuses and finally did
    you have any bonus and all the amount will be give to the nominee as per their choice.
  8. Death with accident will be cover accident benefit plan, you will get accident benefit sum
    amount along with that death benefits also cover. All the amount will payable to you, if you
    dead in accident.
  9. If you have any disability due to the accident, participate will get all the future benefits and
    this amount will be equal to the accident benefit plan.

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