Life insurance Term Plans (2019)

LIC having different term plans for the people and they assured with the several advantages incase if
the policy holder will be demise in the policy time. But in this plans insurer may not have to pay
maturity value, if they continue until the plan will be end. LIC term policy having low cost and it
included with the low premium costs. People can apply for the LIC Term plan by directly going to the
LIC office
LIC term plans are the most affordable plans, it was most convenient way to security for your family
in the future. Every insurance having effective term plans and those are having some rules and
conditions to participate in this LIC Term plans.
There are some effective conditions in the term plans those are, the policy holder who die with the
suicide and LIC decides that they committed the suicide, in that way company will pay 80% to the
nominee, if the plan is older than 12 months period. And the beneficiary won’t get any pay. These
plans are having many Tax benefits also.

If the policy holder will die with any situation nominee can claim the money those people can follow
certain rules.
To the process of claim the death benefits you need to collect all the required document and you
have to submit it on the LIC office. Once your documents received by them they work in effective
way to claim the amount, after that LIC will process the claim and the release the amount. It’s
depending on your purchase price
People need to have these documents to claim the policy here we will provide the documents,
customer need to have 3 important documents to claim death benefits of any policy

  1. The original policy document.
  2. death certificate of the policyholder
  3. Claim form which you have
  4. Now LIC will transfer your amount, if you have NEFT.
    Here you will get LIC Term plans offered by the company. Those are
  5. lic’s Anmol Jeevan II
  6. lic’s Amulya jeevan ii
  7. lic’s e term

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